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"Borderless", a work in progress shows the limits of the borders but also the enrichment that different cultures compound. It proposes another reading of the borders, geographically and temporally, between the countries through their skies and their languages. These works highlight the reality and absurdity of the borders through the addition of words and images. Both poetic and political, Sara Badr Schmidt works attempt to convey the bipolar relationship between beauty and tragedy.  

The project presents skies in different parts of the world. The only hints of the places where the photos were made are words in the language of the country, reflecting the characteristics of the environment. 

The first picture of the project, "Borderless", was taken in South Lebanon on the border of Lebanon and Israel. These pictures are printed on canvas and mounted on light boxes. Some are accompanied by a sound track.  

The pictures are printed on canvas to blur the lines between picture and painting, a wink to the impressionists of the 20th century who had to stand out from photography.

This project compounds also videos that are presented as part of installations. 



Born, Stockholm, 1968. Swedish and Lebanese. 


Visual Arts

2017 August - Borderless-Il était une fois un tout petit pois, solo installation, Agial Gallery, Beirut.

2017 July - Borderless-The absence of paths, Arte Biennale di Venezia, online platform, curator Thinkers & Doers.

2016 December - Le Mur de Noël, Zeuxis Gallery, Paris.

2016 April - Borderless-NY, Florence Deniau Stephan Gallery, New York

2016 January - Borderless-Milano, solo installation, Nuova Galleria Morone, Milan.

2015 September - Oltre La Cena, Expo 2015, T.ART, Institut Français Milano, Fondazione Stelline, Milan.

2015 April - La ruée vers l’art, Galerie Vanessa Suchar, Paris.

2013 June - L’Echappée Belle, Borderless, Grand Palais, Paris.

2012 March - Borderless-Beirut, solo show, Agial Gallery, Beirut. 

2010 March - Art Paris, Galerie Vanessa Suchar, Paris.

2008 June - Parcours Saint-Germain, Once upon a time, Paris.

2008 March - Renaissance, solo show, Galerie Langlet, Paris. 

2006 June - ­­­­­­­­Mickey dans tous ses états, ­­­Artcuria­l, Paris­­.

2002 May - I Want, Strange Fruit space, in collaboration with the Galerie Agial, solo show, Beirut. 

1999 February - Circuit Invisible, first solo show, French Cutural Center, Beirut.

Graphic Arts

2003 - Founder of a graphic design company, Kaissadesign, Paris.

1993-2003 - Artistic director, One-Off, Beirut.

1993 - Artistic director, Femme Magazine, Beirut.

Founder of a graphic design company, One-Off, Beirut.

1992 - Graduated major of her class at the E.F.E.T. school of graphic arts in Paris.



2015-2017 - Snail Design, one of a kind edition of carpets, Paris.

2001 - Zupa Inglese exhibit at Artishow in partnership with the British Cultural Center in Beirut. Designed and laid out the exhibit and contributed works.

1997-2002 - Artiline, a collection of objects and furniture. Opened Artishow, a concept store that has became a benchmark for design in Lebanon.

1996 - Table Rase project and exhibit, assembling the work of a generation of contemporary Lebanese designers and creative artists at the Beirut French Cultural Center. Designed and laid out the exhibit and contributed works. 

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